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Welcome to SBDIS

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Welcome to SBDIS

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Welcome to SBDIS

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Welcome to SBDIS

Our Pre-KG & KG

The Best Pre-K& Kindergarten

SBDIS's Fun Learning Experience program is based on academic, spiritual and cultural research that shows children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun.Play allows children to imagine and experience new situations . When children play house, they can safely try on the roles of parents or spouses. This type of play develops empathy, communication skills and the ability to solve problems creatively.

We are proud to offer an accredited pre-KG and Kindergarten supporting early learning in a safe, nurturing environment for children from 3years to 6 years, serving BHADRAK and JAJPUR ROAD

Our faculty take a well-rounded child-centered approach to curriculum. Students enjoy hands-on opportunities while exploring math, science, and literacy – as well as self-help skills and artistic expression by the fancy dresses programs , one act play, dance , music etc held around the year

Discover with us "The SBDIS Difference".

Serving our students and their families is an honor; we invite you to schedule a tour to learn more.


As young learners begin to walk and talk regularly, their curiosity drives them to explore. The Nursery classrooms foster children’s developing independence by helping them hone valuable skills, such as the abilities to collaborate and communicate. During the Nursery experience our students learn:

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LKG constitutes of young learners continue their journey of exploration and discovery in the pre-kindergarten classroom. Teachers help them apply their developing literacy and math skills through purposeful, planned learning experiences. The lesson plans allow children to learn from their teachers and from interactions with other children. This LKG is designed to develop student's

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The UKG prepares children for success in first grade and beyond. The fun, engaging curriculum allows children to explore and discover their interests while learning academic essentials. This play-based kindergarten program is designed to develop children’s:

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In SBDIS we belive in the unique philosophies which play an important part of our PRE-KG&KG CURRICULUM those include :

  • STEAM (Acronym for Science. Technology.Engineering Arts Mathematics)
  • STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) has become a vital part of early childhood education because these subjects help prepare children for life in the 21st century.

  • Enrichment
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Cultural and Ethical Values

    The Ethical and Cultural values are the primary pillars in the growth of children for every age to make them a better human being. Our cultural values include respecting our parents to understanding the importance of each festivals celebrated in our country. Our ethical values building teaching makes the child to understand what the ethics are to be a great human being and importance of serving humanity.

  • Mother Bond with Teachers

    Our Teachers in SBDIS shares a mother bond with each child in the class . They take immense care of the children and make them feel at home . Because of this healthy secure and safe connectivity between the teacher and the taught , this adds a sense of belonging apart from crystallizing the in-depth learning. Infinite patience, teachers of SBDIS forge close bonds of unconditional love with the students . The 15:1 student-teacher ratio at SBDIS senses individual attention and close monitoring of all children.

  • Safety



Our SBDIS Kindergarten Curriculum comprises of the awesome 6 pillars we think enhances the learning abilities of our little SBDIANS. We feel proud to see them grow with these :

  • School-Prep, Career-Prep, Life-Prep
  • Learning through Play
  • Core Values
  • Our Program Is Powered by Steam, Fueled by Fun
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Giving Back
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Our Activities

Music Classes

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. In general definitions of music will include common elements such as pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics (loudness and softness), and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture (which are sometimes termed the "color" of a musical sound).

Science Activities

SBDIS introduces the Beauty of science from Day- 1 in the young SBDIANs. Learning Science from the Pre-KG helps children develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills, which are valuable in any career path. Having the Practical Knowledge about Science from the beginning enhance them to think science and understand the concepts with practical implementation from very early age .


In SBDIS we also majorly focus on the Love of Dancing . Dances of all kinds and forms from Indian Classical , Regional Dances , to Western Dance (Hip Hop , Contemporary etc) . This is why the timetable is framed, laying significance on events involving dance and music. We give immense opportunities to students to develop their talent in various dance forms, both modern as well as classical, through multiple events and activities held in school. SBDIS Dance Lab provides a safe environment, a creative ground, a performance platform and a beautiful space for dancers to create, transform and discover its advantages.


In SBDIS, our aim is to provide nutritious, healthy and tasty food to the students. The menu is well designed, keeping in mind the parameters of taste and a balanced diet. We give prime importance to quality and hygiene in the preparation and handling of the food. We nurture our little ones with health drinks and Crunchy snacks .


At SBDIS we believe the FUN at School. Hence in order to boost the confidence and self-esteem in the tiny tots we encourage the Outdoor Activities. Proper and ideal outdoor exposure of students helps integrate infinite knowledge in them. It is crucial to introduce children of 5 years of age and below, to a stimulating environment that fortifies them to act and think productively and helps them in brain development. The field trips to various places of interest along with the numerous day -to- day activities guarantee ideal development. The Playground in SBDIS encourages extensive and differential learning by allowing individual learners to develop the much desired spirit of enquiry and inquisitiveness.


SBDIS has an art class that defines the creativity of little minds. It does more than just teaching art. Young minds are encouraged to be open minded and willing to explore their creativity with guidance from trained teachers. Dabbling with colors and paints of all types, experimenting with different materials and textures, the focus is on bringing out a child’s genius to realization. The motto of SBDIS Art class is splashing their imaginary world with hues of seven colors


SBDIS is a sole preacher of YOGA. We teach our young fellows the beauty of yoga and Flexibility . All SBDIS’s sporting equipment is child friendly keeping the safety and security of the children in mind. Physical Education and Sports Program is an integral part of the growth and development of each student. It focuses on participation, competition and achieving excellence in various sports and games. We offer gradual individualized growth and development plan for each student under the expert supervision of our instructors, coaches and trainers.


Welcome to our Website. We are glad to have you around.

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At SBDIS we don't just believe in academic excellence, but in preparing your child to excel in life