EID Mubarak & Earth Day

2023-04-22 SBDIS New Campus

SBDIS, Bhadrak celebrated Eid and Earth day on 22nd April 2023. It is a day to reflect, seek forgiveness, show gratitude to Allah for his countless blessings. Joining with the rest of the world, a special assembly was held at our school premises to mark the occasion. Eid Mubarak to all. We have also observed Earth Day at our school premises today to spread the awareness among all about the urgency of protecting our mother Earth from the growing menaces .

Utkal Diwas 2023

2023-04-01 SBDIS New Campus

Odisha Diwas, also known as Utkal Diwas is celebrated on 1 April every year. Utkal Diwas marks the separation of Odisha from Bihar and Orissa province on this day in 1936 and is the first state in the nation to be formed on the basis of language. SBDIS, Bhadrak overwhelms with the spirit of Utkal Diwas and walked down the memory lane to recollect the contributions of great souls who laid down their lives to protect the rich legacy of our land and to be proud of our sanskriti (Jagannath Mahaprabhu sanskriti) Bande Utkal Janani.

Holi 2023

2023-03-08 SBDIS New Campus

SBDIS, Bhadrak resonates with the spirit of Holi Come Holi, the air is filled with frolic, joy, excitement and enthusiasm. This festival of colour is celebrated all over the world cutting across religious, and cultural spectrum. It is a festival that symbolizes love, Universal brotherhood, co-operation and the fellow feeling. On this day, let's take a pledge that each one of us will do all we can do to make lives of each of us colourful. We wish all of you a Happy Holi. May the Lord of the Universe bless you abundantly. May this day open up endless possibilities in your life.

International Women's Day

2023-03-08 SBDIS Auditorium

SBDIS, Bhadrak salutes all women on International Women's Day A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.. In fact, a woman is the foundation on which our lives are built. She is the endless reservoir of strength, courage, conviction, patience and perseverance. A woman is like a candle which consumes itself to light others. She symbolizes endless possibilities In fact, there is no limit to what a woman can accomplish. We wish all the women a Very Happy Women's Day. Let's hope and believe that they will continue to work with renewed strength to make this world bustle with love and peace. Let this whole world be aromatic with the sacrifice and dedication of each and every woman.

Annual Athletic Meet 2022-23

2023-02-25 SBDIS New Campus

Annual Athletic Meet, 2022-23 held at SBDIS, Bhadrak Each and every student of SBDIS, Bhadrak eagerly waits for Annual Sports as this meet provides them with an opportunity to showcase their talent in sporting arena. Come Annual Sports and all the students bustle with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. We held 8th Annual Athletic meet at our New campus on 25 February, 2023 Mr Anup Kumar Behera, DSO, Bhadrak and Mr Rakhal Kumar Sethy, Para Olympian graced the meet as Chief guest and Guest of Honour respectively.