Education is the bedrock of humanity and it is the door to success. Education is the only road that would lead you only towards better life, better future and better society. But it serves a more useful purpose than its common vocational connotation. True education goes beyond mere academics to inculcate values, sensitise opinion and liberate thinking for the greater good of society.

That can only happen when the process of education is itself radically altered, to provide a more holistic approach to learning. With our world-class facilities, new and improved learning methods and an array of opportunities, we ensure that your child receives exceptional intellectual, personal, emotional and social grooming, thus preparing him/her for all of life's challenges.

At SBDIS we don't just believe in academic excellence, but in preparing your child to excel in life. The following tenets form the basis of our 'Life School' philosophy.

Here, at SBDIS, we aim at inculcating the spirit of "life philosophy" in your children. It consists in exceptional, intellectual, personal, emotional and social grooming so that they are fully prepared to face the challenges of life.

World-class learning facilities apart, we offer an array of opportunities to find and shape the unique talents of our young achievers, so that they can carve a niche for themselves in the world.