Elementry School (Grade I - V) : Loving the Learning

A stage when your child starts to learn new concepts and ideas

Primary School is when children begin to learn concepts that form the basis of their understanding of life, this is the time when they need to be eased into comprehending and grasping theoretical ideas that can be stored for future reference. So before they are taught anything, firstly, they need to learn how to learn.

The primary school classroom looks more like a curiosity studio-with interactive learning aids, colourful display boards, a class library and activity zone. The wefl-ventilated and brightly lit classrooms are equipped with comfortable and ergonomically designed seating arrangements. Academic development apart, they begin to recognize and build their natural talents in our scientifically designed sports facilities and fine arts studios. The main focus of the curriculum during these formative years revolves around:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • EVS
  • Arts - Fine Arts and Performing Arts
  • Personal. Soci I and Physical Education

Number of Students in Each Grade

Grade Number Of Sections Number Of Students
I 4 142
II 3 116
III 3 107
IV 3 102
V 2 74