Observation of important days and events is another hall mark of our school. Here at SBDIS, we observe various important days in order to let our students know the importance of the days observed and develop cosmopolitan approaches and out looks. We observe the following International Events every year.

World Health Day

World Environment Day

International Yoga Day

International Women's Day

India is a land where festivals of various kinds are celebrated throughout the year. These festivals add beauty, fun and mirth to our lives. Our school is no exception to it. Here at SBDIS, different festivals are celebrated to give our students a feel of the socio cultural and religious diversity of our land. We celebrate-

Mother's Day

Ratha Yatra


Rakhi Purnima


Teacher's Day

Ganesh Puja

Hindi Diwas

Gandhi Jayanti



Children's Day

Rasha Purnima

National Law Day

Human Rights Day

Maths Day

New Year Day

Youth Day

Republic Day

Saraswati Puja

Science Day and many more

SBDIS is known for its unique ways of organizing different events. The ways different events organized at SBDIS have become the talk of the town. Be it Annual Exhibition, be it Annual Day Celebration -every event is conducted with a lot of planning and preparation. Different events held at SBDIS reflect the spirit of togetherness and these are-

SBDIS Annual Day

SBDIS Sports Day

SBDIS Annual Exhibition

SBDIS Inter School Competitions

JDM Inter School Talent Hunt

Founder's Memorial

SBDIS Science Exhibition