As one may appreciate, one of the most common (and most important!) questions from our potential day boarding students is usually along the lines of 'What will I get to eat?'.We know that having good food is vitally important to happiness and well-being of our day boarders, so we invested in a dedicated canteen team to create delicious, nutritious meals, just for our day boarding house.

Our menus are specially designed by nutrition’s and dieticians. Members of the staff eat along with the student to supervise and assist those who need help as well as teach table manners and dining etiquette. The school also provide opportunity to the child to develop good eating habits – avoid fussing on food and learn to enjoy well-cooked, nutritious and a balanced diet provided by the school. Learning to share, developing manners is an incidental pattern that occurs by itself. It is with this view that the school provides with the meal i.e. breakfast, lunch, juice from automated kitchen.